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Pepe Estéve at Tio Mateo cellars Pepe Estéve at Tio Mateo cellars

"Pepe, close friend in the memory,used his secrets under Tio Mateo´s hat”.

Rafael Peralta, bullfighter
  • In September 1974, Pepe Estévez bought Felix Ruiz y Ruiz winery, dated 1809. It didn´t have a single client, it was outdated, with just four employees and just 800 barrels.
  • Between 1982 and 1985 he bought Marques del Real Tesoro winery, established in 1897, which was going through a poor finantial situation.
  • In May 1993, he acquired the international wine brand “ Tio Mateo” buying all its vintage barrels to the multinational company Allied Domecq.
  • In September 1999 he bought one of the oldest wineries in Jerez; A.R. VALDESPINO, whose comercial activities date back as far as before 1430.
  • In 1995 an important strategic business Alliance is done with MERCADONA, becoming its inter-supplier since 1998.
  • He consolidates the international business by exporting to more than 30 countries, holding the leadership in the North European countries.

All these acquisitions and strategies allowed José Estévez to fulfill an old dream and long waited for: being a wine producer in Jerez.

He fully fulfilled his dream of making himself a place in the production of wine, brandies and other liquors in the class-conscious Jerez wine society, with wine cellars that thanks to his investment and vision, have become one of the most profitable and most beautiful wineries in Spain and in the world. Wineries where the taste of tradition lives together with the latest and most revolutionary technology.

Sophisticated equipments that coexist with traditional methods in order toprocduce unique wines of the highest quality which are recognized internationally. As evidence of that, the winery boasts 15 wines rated above 90 Parker points, among those: 98 points Pedro Ximenez VORS “Niños”; two 99 points wines: Amontillado VORS “ Coliseo” and Palo Cortado VORS “Cardenal” ; and a 100 ponts Moscatel VORS Viejísimo “Toneles”. These makes this winery the one with more Parker points in Spain.

After his death yet the winery keeps growing:

  • In 2007 JOSE ESTÉVEZ, S.A made two more purchases: HIJOS DE RAINIERA PEREZ MARI, located in San Lucar de Barrameda, owners of the widely manzanilla brand “ La Guita”, leader in the market and another winery located in Jerez; BODEGAS GIL LUQUE, S.A.
  • In 2011, JOSÉ ESTÉVEZ, S.A expands its vineyards by buying to the multinational company BEAN GLOBAL 450 hectars of land in the renowned PAGO DE MARCHARNUDO, the GRAN CRU de Jerez, thus, becoming the major wine producer in Andalucía.
  • During the recent years, the company has been creating Jobs in a yearly basis and making important investments in their range of products and developing new brands such us RON ABUELO, WOLNY, FRESH TEA, LINTON HILL as well as expanding its facilities.

Passion and respect for the tradition, but, at the same time, looking for the profitability and future opportunities for what innovation and technology were needed. That was the way Pepe Estévez concieved the wine making business. He was not wrong.

pepe bodega 2

Once he called me by phone and said: “ Pepe, I will forward you an article in order to be published. You will see how interesting is. I have discovered that music improves the quality of my wines”.

José Joly, President of Grupo Joly of broadcasting.
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