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Pepe Estévez at his Real Tesoro Stud Pepe Estévez at his Real Tesoro Stud

As a good man from Jerez, wine and horses did always draw the attention and intention of Pepe Estévez.

He founded the Real Tesoro Stud in 1994. The stud is currently working with a number of mares and Purebred Spanish horses, all of them black or brown cape which are named after his wines and wineries.

As a result of a demanding and careful selection, he managed to recover an unusual genealogic line very rare in the Spanish horse breeding or trading, achieving horses with heigth, foot morphology, movement and beauty.

Real Tesoro Stud has obtained several and many important prizes, both in morphology and carriage category. Among other contests, the stud each year takes part in the Spanish Purebred Championship (PRE) which takes place in the International Horse Fair ( SICAB) where the stud has classified between the first five finalists every year.

“What used to touch us more was the emotional dedication he transmitted to all of us. He cheered us up in each fair or contest in which we took part.“ "Luis, tu pa´lante!”. He used to enjoy everything through a child´s eyes.

Luis Chacón, Supervisor of the Real Tesoro Stud.

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