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Pepe Estévez, PATRON

Pepe Estévez with the painter Mr. Carlos Ayala and Mr Manuel Alejandro, music composer Pepe Estévez with the painter Mr. Carlos Ayala and Mr Manuel Alejandro, music composer

Pepe Estévez´s patronage, like himself, has many facets.

In the same way he was patron of painters such as Carlos Ayala from Jerez, he helped novel painters through his CONCURSO DE PINTURA TIO MATEO which he unluckly could only celebrate a first edition ,in 2005, since he died right after he awarded the prizes.

This fact is precisely the reason for this PREMIO PEPE ESTÉVEZ; to pay homage to his persona and deeds.

Patron of music too, mostly Flamenco style, he sponsored PEÑA DEL TIO JOSÉ DE PAULA, one of the best Bulerias and Flamenco singing groups in Jerez.

A friend to artists, from Julio Iglesias to Lola Flores and Rocío Jurado, he used to organize parties and gatherings making acclaimed artists to meet novel ones and business people to meet with those form the world of art and culture. Nothing was by chance: that was another of his particular ways to encourage and support art.

Likewise, he made contributions to the Clarisas from Jerez or to the Triana Brotherhood from Seville, helping them to organize a number of varied and very important artistic and social events.

“My beloved friend Pepe tried, and always managed, to wrap, mingle, dress up the tangible with a spiritual touch: in the same way he prized his barrels with a beautiful and ethereal music for his wines to age robust and pleasantly, he decorated the reception hall of the winery with a grand piano where the sounds composed by the Gods of music flow misteriously. In his routines, beteween transaction and transaction, he either discussed with his chamber painter on the excess of ocre color or the gesture of the dog, the exact prize of his last antique accquired with so much enthusiasm.
In the evenings, with a glass on hand, he mingled with musicians, poets, sculpturers, dancers, painters or Flamenco dancers who he admired, valued and generously sponsored whole-hearted. ”

Manuel Alejandro, composer.
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