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Pepe Estévez at his gallery Suite Vollard Pepe Estévez at his gallery Suite Vollard

“Two things were synonims of health to Pepe: to laugh and enjoy art”

José María González Valverde, friend.

Pepe Estévez´s wine cellars are a place full of art.

As an art collector by vocation, quite sensitive to the Arts, he began collecting classic art. In the facilities you can enjoy old tapestries, canes, writing desk from all over the world, clocks from XVI and XVII century and real jewels of classic painting as well as from XIX and XX century like Zuloaga.

However, it was in his last years when he discovered contemporary art: he fell in love with it, and when he died, his Gallery of Contemporary Art was the one to stand out in his collection.

He specially designed this gallery to host the “Suit Vollard” collection by Picasso made up of 100 prints: one of the most complete in the world. In this gallery, it can also be found other very important authors´ works like Miró, Dalí and Sicilia. It is worth to mention the paintings of Botero with its peculiar figurative style, the simbolism of Tapiés work or the impressive “ Y si ahora no nos movemos no pasa nada” by Salustiano, a painter from Seville.

Focusing our atention in well known Spanish painters, the gallery counts with the best contemporary Spanish painting: either Pablo Palazuelo´s linear abastraction in his work “ Ciranio XXXVI” or Manuel Valde´s big format work “Dorothy VIII”

Within the world of sculptures the gallery boasts works by Jorge Oteiza and Eduardo Chillida, both from the Basque School of Sculpture, featuring its sharp geometric form and cubists lines. It also hostes some artworks by Santiago de Santiago like Pepe´s own bust and one of Lola Flores.

In his collection, the large format works from one of his favourite painters, Carlos Ayala from Jerez, are really impressive which show portraits and scenes from the wine culture and Jerez, all made in his particular style with an outstanding command of color and perspective.

“One day, walking around his wineries, he stepped right in front a great painting and said: “ Look attentively to that picture. Notice the people who appear because it is not an esay job to distinguish them. That one there is a satyr, that one a nymph, that one a faun. Isn´t it great?”

Pepe Joly, President of Grupo Joly of broadcasting.

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