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Mr. José Estévez de los Reyes, or Pepe Estévez, as he liked to be called, was a man of a unique personality and many facets. A man who enjoyed many likings, many achievements and who had a remarkable natural intelligence and was highly skilled. Someone you may like it or not but who will never leave one indifferent.

He boasted an awesome figure, an attractive composure, an undeniable self-confidence, an insatiable drive and winning smile.

He was a hard working and generous person, yet, with strong ideas and values. He had a strong sense for justice and the value of effort. He always looked for excellence, wisdom and improvement.

He was a succesful man; admired and envied by many, self-confident, passionate, tireless, non-stoppable. There was no obstacle that could interfere in his way. He was a man with luck.

In his funeral, I reapeatedly heard: “ It was as if he had lived three lives”. So many things he did, so many things he was.

He was such an extraordinary man that he manged to outlast his death.

His deeds and patronage are still alive: his business grow profitably and sucessufully, his lessons remain in the third generation and his memory still persists in all those who met him.

““ Andalucian and wineproducer, you were faithful to fiendship a lover of truth an intrepid sailor…
You clear the way of the sleeping cellar and the dawn rose in the Jerez vineyards. That´s why I feel again that you are still in this life”

Angel Peralta, bullfighter and cattlebreeder.

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