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Terms and conditions

The I Pemio Pepe Estévez painting award, called by NOVOSINDA, S.L.,is an award borned with the vocation of being a nexus between the art and the business world.

There are big collectors in the business world that have been supporting the best national and international artists, allowing the growth of the artistc activity and creativity where the business environment is a key factor.

Current business policy relies on art to build the corporate image through the acquisition of art works or directly collaborating with the artists.


Two categories will be awarded: Painting Prize, Emerging Painter Residence Prize. Two pannels will select the artworks: An art expert panel and a business pannel.

Painting Prize. First stage

The expert panel shall be composed of 5 celebrities from the world of art. Each of them will select 7 Spanish artists from the galleries that take part in 34th Edition of ARCO 2015.

The expert pannel will be composed of:

  • Mr. Guillermo Solana, Director of Museo Thyssen Bornemisza, Madrid
  • Mr. Fernando Francés, Director of Centro de Arte Contemporáneo, Málaga
  • Mr. Juan Antonio Álvarez Reyes, Director of Centro Andaluz de Arte, Seville
  • Mrs. Laura Revuelta, chief editor of ABC Cultural
  • Mrs. Elisa Hernando, Director of Arte Global

Shortlisted artists for the Painting Prize will only submit one artwork, of their own authorship that have not been submitted to other award or competition. The theme will be open and it will be realized in any painting technique not being larger than 150 cm on its longer side.

Works making allusion or referring to any brand or with offensive conent will not be admitted. The organizing committee has the right to not accept those works which do not comply with the technical, artistic or legal terms stated in these Terms and Conditions.

Submission deadline

Works can be submitted from 1st March till 15th September 2015. During these dates provided the works can be either personally delivered or sent to:

A/a: Dª Mª Luisa Cuñado Azcárate
Av. Retamar, 10. Fuente del Fresno
28708 San Sebastian de los Reyes, Madrid

Each work will be protected by a single wooden bead not superior to 3 cm ( front view) and in a type of packing that can be used to return the artwork granting its safety. Works protected by glas or similar materials will not be accepted.

The organizing committee will take maximum conservation care of the summitted work, not being responsable of any lost or damage in the course of delivery, transportation and return. In case of getting an insuarance, this will be excecuted by the artist.

Painting Prize. Second stage

Among the shorlisted artworks by the artists from the first stage, the expert pannel will choose 5 works that will go on to the final stage and from these ones the business pannel will select the eventual winner.

The business pannel will be composed of:

  • Mrs. Hortensia Herrero, President of Fundación Hortensia Herrero
  • Mrs. Yolanda Eleta, Director of Grupo Eleta, Panamá
  • Mr. Angel Ron, President of Banco Popular
  • Mr. José Manuel Pardo, President of Fundación Legalitas
  • Mr. José Joly, President of Grupo Joly of broadcasting

Two different categories will be awarded:

  • Painting Prize: 20.000 €
  • Emerging Painter Residence Prize

The prizes are VAT included resulting in the application of the corresponding retention.

The prize can not be divided or declared void.

Emerging Painter Residence Prize

The aim of this award is to designate a residence to an emerging Spnaish artist in order to develop a project. 

Artist should be Spanish born after 1980 and recommended by ARCO galleries.

Shortlisted artists for the Emerging Painter Residence Prize will have to provide a portfolio with his carrer, most important works and the body of work to be developed at the residence in case they are selected.

Portfolios will be sent through the award website together with their personal information and the anexes with additional documentation if it proceeds.

Among the portfolios submitted, the expert pannel together with the director of the residence and the director of Open Studio will select the winner.

The prize will consist of three months stay at an art residence valued 8.000 €, from which 6.000€ will be given upfront and the the other 2.000€ at the end of the stay.

The work produced at the residence will be of the ownership of the organizing committee and will be jointly exhibited with the shortlisted works from the Painting Prize that will take place between October 2015 and June 2016.

Award presentation

Shortlisted artists will be announced during the month of October and the awards ceremony will be held at BODEGAS MARQUÉS DEL REAL TESORO.

The shortlisted artists, who would have been notified well in adavance, should attend to the awards ceremony.

The works will be temporaly exhibited at the winery. An exhibition timetable will be established by the organizing committee with the shortlisted and the winning artworks. These exhibitions will be covered by the corresponding insuarance granting the value of the artwork with the same quantity stated by the autor. Catalogues with reproductions of the works submitted to the award may be published.

Once the exhibitions are completed, non shortlisted artists will be able to collect their work prior notification to the organizing committee. The works will be returned in the same package, by courrier, at the expense of the work recepient. After 30 days upon the organization´s notification for the collection of the artwork, it will be understood that the author refuses to collect his work, and in doing so, the artwork will be of the ownership of the organizing committee, being able to deal with it at its own convenience.

Acquisition of the ownership of the winning artworks by the organizing committee

The winnig artworks in each category will become the property of the organizing committee on the date the pannel anounces its decision in the case of the Painting Prize, and at the end of the stay at residence in the case of the Novel Artist Residence Prize. The finantial allocations aforementioned include the consideration, in this case, as an elevated sum, that will satisfy the winning artists for the acquisiton of his work

The accquisiton of the exclusive ownership of the winning works include the explotation, distribution, exhibition, broadcasting, reproduction, public announcement rights, and any legally transferable rights, in its broadest sense with the maximum extent legally posible, that will be executed by the ornganizing committee in the manner it deems appropriate and with no temporal or territorial limitations.


Any information related to this award is available at 912 505 808 asking for Sra. María Ferrera, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and at www.premiopepeestevez.com
Any technical and organizative aspect, or of any other nature not stated in the Terms and Conditions, will be solved by the organizing committee according to the criteria established unilaterally and without appeal.

The Terms and Conditions of the award are under the Spanish law an the participants are under the jurisdiction of the Courts of Madrid Capital, expressely waiving any other jurisdiction that may correspond.

Those participants who have any kingship relationship with the members of the pannel will not be able to participate in the Award.

Personal data

Personal data provided in order to take part in the Award, will enter the file “ PREMIO PEPE ESTÉVEZ”, dully registered at the Spanish Data Protection Agency, being NOVOSINDA, S.L. responsible, and whose sole aim is to grant the applicant participation in the Award and the notification of any other future editions of this Award. According to the Organic Law 15/1999, of 13th December, Personal Data Protection, the participants will be able to execute the right of opposition, access, mending or cancellation of their data by means of an application with a copy of ID addressed to NOVOSINDA, S.L. at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or in the corresponding section of the webpage (www. premiopepeestevez.com).

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